Hugger Ceiling Fan

Hope you would like to know about hugger ceiling fan, flush mount ceiling fans and hunter low profile ceiling fan which that comes in the 19th century. Before fans people don’t have any other instrument to expose them in airflow except the natural air. All people were living without fans and one day scientists have invented the instrument to have a sight of cool.

Moreover, it’s the invention of scientists that fans came into being. First the fans were made simple but gradually time passes and due to modern age their designs also changed according to the modern time. Now these are called as hugger ceiling fan as well as flush mount ceiling fans.

hugger ceiling fan are the modern name of  simple fans only because of their designs and features. The modern features made best and appreciable from the simple fans.  flush mount ceiling fans can be more better and appreciable if your ceiling is lower than normal.

Select the best hunter low profile ceiling fan with respect to your room space. Larger the room larger the blades of fans required and blades of fans are set according to the space of room. Then majority of fans drops approximately 30cm from ceiling to blade.

Hugger ceiling fan can be better with the ceiling nearer to ground. Keeps the air moving around you with hugger ceiling fan and flush mount ceiling fans. Keep your room cool and fresh with the hunter low profile ceiling fan. These fans are modern with respect to features and designs.

Hugger ceiling fan is amazingly low energy consumption fan with longer blades length. These ceiling fans also have light fixture which is one of the most advance feature of these fans. The main purpose of the lights is to eliminate your room space and enhances the beauty of room. Blades lengths are approximately lengthy and have large surface area for the production of continuous airflow.

Most important features of Hugger Ceiling Fan are shown below.


Color of this hugger ceiling fan is mushroom color that might be same as the furniture’s colors. Other colors are also being available in market if you want another color which you want.


Voltage should be required for this fan is 220V-50HZ

Power Consumption

Power consumption of hugger ceiling fan is very acceptable and ranges between 12-46 W

Speed of Hugger Ceiling Fan

The main important features is to keep while selecting the best fan because everyone wants the best speed fan which cool the whole space of room.

Weight of Hugger Ceiling Fan

The average weight of this hugger ceiling fan is about 7kg and larger fan has larger weight and vice versa

Hope you like all the features of flush mount ceiling fans and all the features are unique from other ceiling fans. This is specially made for the decoration as well as for enhances the beauty of room.

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