Low Clearance Ceiling Fan

Do you know the meaning of low clearance ceiling fan? The answer to this question is very easy is that the fan with cheap price and requires less power to function properly. Hampton bay ceiling fans have now take the place of expensive air conditioners and other expensive equipment’s.

Length of low clearance ceiling fan is sufficient to cover whole room spaces and provides air to every corner of room. People wants best low profile ceiling fan in cheap price and with greater working ability. The working ability depends upon the quality of metal and winding motor from which low clearance ceiling fan is made.


Grey, silver and white colors are available and looks good as it looks decent and reasonable in this color.


Size of these fans may be 39” to 48”.

Power Consumption

Power consumption of ceiling fan is very good,acceptable and ranges between 12-48 W


Speed is the main feature which is kept in importance. Speed should be maximum which cools the whole room within a minute. Average speed is 13-24km/h


Weight of ceiling fans with lights will be minimum 7-8kg which is average weight of fan.

All these features are unique with respect to all other low clearance ceiling fan because these are modern features that install in Hampton bay ceiling fans. Other features like lights and remote also been applied to Hampton bay ceiling fans which makes its value doubled in market.

Mostly People demands best low profile ceiling fan which have a greater good working ability. People prefer the cheap price low clearance ceiling fan on expensive Hampton bay ceiling fans. They also prefer best low profile ceiling fan due to modern features and good quality on expensive air conditioners.

Low clearance ceiling fan also have remote control features from which you can control it easily. You don’t need to be a certain place for its dimmer. You can control its features by sitting at any place with remote control. You can control the speed as well as other features like lights from remote control.

Low clearance ceiling fan has longer blades length which gives a continuous airflow. Length is made sufficient to cover the whole space of room. This made the room cooler by its longer blades.

Winding motors of low clearance ceiling fan is made up of quality metal like copper with a full year warranty. Well we also suggest you that low clearance ceiling fan is better than all other fans available in market.

Different sizes with different colors of Hampton bay ceiling fans are made by the company and also available in markets.

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