What is a low Profile Ceiling Fan?

Do you know what is a low profile ceiling fan? & low profile outdoor ceiling fan, hunter polished brass ceiling fans for your residence, homes and offices. You are also in the search to improve air circulation for a modern low profile outdoor ceiling fan.


White, brown and silver colors are available as it looks decent and reasonable in these colors.


Size of fan can be larger than with respect to room and average size is 37” to 48”.

Power Consumption

Power consumption of low profile ceiling fan is very acceptable and ranges between 12-46 W


Speed is the main feature which is kept in importance. Speed should be maximum which cools the whole room within a minute.


Weight of ceiling fans will be minimum 7-8kg which is average weight of fan.

Well we are here to help you that which Low profile ceiling fan is best and which is more affordable for every citizen. Market is full of modern and expensive Ceiling fans but they consume much of the power that they can and are not appreciable.

Best low profile ceiling fan are also known as the Flush mount Ceiling fans which are more affordable in contrast to other modern expensive Ceiling fans. Low profile outdoor ceiling fan will provide the most abundant cooling.

These Hunter polished brass ceiling fans have small but have very efficient motor that maintains the speed of the fan and gives them the best look. Cool your living rooms with Low profile outdoor ceiling fan that consume much less power and are efficient for use.

It has three speed settings that deliver the sufficient amount of cool air or cool comfort. The whisper wind motor that is situated in the body of fan outputs a powerful cool air without producing any sound.

Indeed it means that these Hunter polished brass ceiling fans doesn’t produce sound while working. You can also control the features such as on/off and speed of fan with the help of Dimmer or Chain.

Get Stale, warm air moving in your room with the help of Low profile ceiling fan. Their Long Airflow allow and gives you the sufficient air circulation. You can also refresh your warm days with the help of Low profile outdoor ceiling fan and illuminate your room space from the lights fixtures.

You might feel better feel in you room by placing these Low profile outdoor ceiling fan in your residence. Low profile ceiling fan are wonderfully dynamic in fashion as well as in utility. Hunter polished brass ceiling fans produce brilliant airflow that can be used in both the warm and cold season and proves to be beneficial.

In both the cases placing the Low profile outdoor ceiling fan and Hunter polished brass ceiling fans in your homes proves to be beneficial s they consume less much power and saves the energy.

Low profile ceiling fan decor and adds beauty to your residence where they place. Placing this Low profile outdoor ceiling fan in the central of room will attract glances and beautiful fan will serves the people to keep taking under it.

So, Low profile ceiling fan maintain the atmosphere of your room happy and cool. Low profile ceiling fan produce cool air in summer and also can produce the warm air in the winter season by setting its features to reverse.

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